What Can You Expect from Your Emotional Intelligence Coach?

Coaching comes in many varieties. You may hear people talking about their life coach, their business coach, their career transition coach, their fitness coach, their nutrition coach, their health coach, their executive coach, their leadership coach and the list goes on. Basically, coaching in general, is a partnership for growth.

An emotional intelligence coach will use the principles of emotional intelligence to help people identify goals in their personal and/or professional lives and to ensure they TAKE ACTION.

Your dedicated EI coach will guide you in an emotional intelligence learning experience. How well you carry yourself, conduct yourself, react to life’s surprises, and respond to challenges are all dependent upon the relationship you have with your emotions. Do you ignore your emotions? Do you resist your emotions? Are you aware of your emotions and where they show up? Do you understand your emotions? Do you value your emotions? Do you let your emotions run amok? What goes on under the surface has a huge impact on your overt behavior. And that’s the part others see.

You’ll often hear people talk about EI in terms of managing your emotions. And that’s certainly part of it. It comes down to this, your emotional intelligence coach will transform the way you think about emotions so that your emotions will work FOR you, rather than against you.

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