About Jana Greco

(Jana enjoys the study of emotions, making a difference, and traveling with truffles.)

Please allow me to introduce myself, Jana Greco. I’m a former educator and the owner of Emotional Intelligence Matters, LLC. I hold a Master’s of Science in Educational Leadership from Carlow University. I’ve published a book for elementary school students entitled, I’m Not My Feelings. It’s available for purchase both on this website under Jana’s Closet, and also from The Professional Woman Network @pwnbooks.com. Throughout my tenure in education, I’ve had the pleasure of working with all kinds of personalities, and all kinds of behaviors. I became interested in emotional intelligence well over fifteen years ago and have studied the major thought leaders on the subject. I had the privilege of teaching emotional intelligence to my students, and the pure pleasure of seeing the benefits first hand.

Since exiting education, I’ve achieved International Coach Certifications in both Leadership Coaching and Emotional Intelligence Coaching, which of course, go hand in hand. And now, I work with adults. I coach, train, and consult.

I’m also a certified humor professional (CHP) and belong to an organization called, AATH (Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor) so, I like to make both coaching and training fun!

Additionally, I’m an RCPC (root cause protocol consultant), I help connect your emotions/stressors to your health issues. Emotions are powerful… and they can either keep you chronically ill or they can help you heal. And again, in the case of chronic illness, acute self-awareness is the best medicine.

Paths are often not linear; they can even be messy. You have more power over your unpleasant emotions when you know where they come from, and what information they provide. Are you paying attention to the full messages being sent to you by your emotions? Do you know that when emotions are suppressed, they get stronger? It’s not about ducking and dodging life’s challenges and plot twists ~ it’s about how we react to them that determines our success as leaders and as human beings. Emotions absolutely matter!