About Jana Greco
She enjoys the study of emotions, making a difference, and traveling with truffles.

Jana Greco ~ CEO of Emotional Intelligence Matters, LLC

My name is Jana Greco, and I’m a former kindergarten teacher and the owner of Emotional Intelligence Matters, LLC. I hold a degree in Elementary Education from Slippery Rock University, and a Master’s of Science in Educational Leadership from Carlow University as well. I am certified as a leadership coach and an emotional intelligence coach. I recently published a book for elementary school students entitled, I’m Not My Feelings. It is available for purchase directly from this website under Jana’s Closet and also from The Professional Woman Network @ pwnbooks.com.

Throughout my tenure in education, I’ve had the pleasure of working with all kinds of students, all kinds of personalities, and all kinds of behaviors. I became interested in emotional intelligence well over a decade ago and have studied the major thought leaders on the subject. I had the privilege of teaching emotional intelligence to my students and the pleasure of seeing the benefits first hand. I firmly believe that teaching children the skills embedded in emotional intelligence will help them navigate through the demands of education and daily life, and moreover, will yield tremendous results as they become young adults.