Why begin with self-awareness?

You may be wondering, why begin with self-awareness? Great question, it’s the foundation for all subsequent emotional intelligence competencies. And if you only have time to focus on one aspect of emotional intelligence, it is self-awareness that will provide you with the best ROI. It’s far reaching. I will even go a step further and suggest the term self-awareness is a bit general, and what I encourage my clients to achieve is what I refer to as “acute” self-awareness. The magic starts happening when you highly develop your self-awareness. When you attain that perceptive understanding and that shrewd insightfulness, that’s when you will literally experience your work life, relationships, and overall wellness rapidly improving. Acute self-awareness propels you to better levels in a comprehensive way.

You may benefit from focusing on acute self-awareness if:

  • You tend to have emotional melt-downs or outbursts
  • You have trouble identifying and labeling emotions accurately
  • You allow your feelings to control your actions
  • You lack understanding of the value and role of emotions
  • You have trouble managing triggers
  • You completely ignore your emotions or feel you rise above them
  • You have trouble making or maintaining friendships
  • You repeatedly make poor decisions for yourself
  • You blame others for your problems
  • You find yourself chronically stressed or chronically ill
  • You have ongoing conflict in the workplace
  • If you lack confidence or if you lack self-acceptance

How will having acute self-awareness improve your well-being?

  • It will boost your self-regard and self-compassion
  • It will help build stress management skills
  • It will increase assertiveness
  • It will improve communication
  • It will assist in making sound decisions
  • It will increase motivation
  • It will help you handle triggers
  • It will increase adaptability
  • It will promote positive outlook
  • It will promote emotional balance
  • It will boost introspection
  • It will assist with self-control and self-regulation
  • It builds self-confidence
  • It builds resilience
  • It builds perseverance
  • It improves engagement
  • And it fosters empathy

Self-awareness helps us to shift our perspective ~ to see with clarity the stark realities and the vast possibilities. It will help you understand how your thoughts and feelings impact your health and well-being.

Education has finally put a spotlight on this at both the elementary and secondary levels. Yippee! The truth is, developing acute self-awareness is possible at any age! I can be your shortcut to optimizing self-awareness and making it like gold in your life.