Why EI Training for Elementary Educators and Staff?

We know what the research on social and emotional learning shows in terms of benefits to our children. Furthermore, we know there is an emphasis on schools to implement this kind of education along with academics to provide our students with a well-rounded education that will best prepare them for life’s challenges.

What we also need to consider is this . . . to ensure success in this area for our children, we must first support the adults. Promoting social and emotional learning for students begins with emotional intelligence training for educational leaders, faculty, and staff. Since emotional intelligence has been around for decades, there are countless programs out there for districts to evaluate, and it’s up to the districts to decide which program/programs will best meet their needs.

What I do is provide basic training in emotional intelligence for educators. I help educators to build their expertise and skills so they can confidently lead social-emotional learning initiatives in their schools. Studies show that focusing on the social-emotional development of adults is the best way to achieve positive outcomes for students.

In fact, a study from the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence found that teachers who were mandated to teach SEL (Social Emotional Learning) but did not cultivate their own practice worsened their students SEL skills. Conversely, teachers who developed their own SEL skills not only improved their own well-being, but also improved the well-being of their students. Students learn better when educators have the background knowledge themselves, and can effectively model these skills.

If you’d like assistance with professional development in emotional intelligence for teachers, leaders, and staff . . . consider reaching out to me. Think of me as your friendly neighborhood EI Coach/Trainer. Our educators deserve support in developing emotional intelligence
competencies, not only in preparation for school-wide SEL, but for
their own health and wellness.

I offer fun half-day, full-day, and two-day training workshops.